Sunday, November 6, 2016

The New Vehicle Arrived at the Children's House!

Due to your generous donations, we were able to acquire 4-Wheel Drive Vehicle to transport the children to and from hospital, to do shopping, etc.  Due to the location of the orphanage, and the difficult access during the rains, a 4-wheel drive vehicle was a must. We presently have 54 children housed full time at the Children’s House (Casa de Crianca), and transporting those who are ill to and from hospital was a major problem due to the distance and the poor condition of the road we must travel.

The vehicle will make possible:

  • Educational field trips, such as museums and parks (there are in the vicinity of the orphanage)
  • Collection of donations, including fresh meals from a restaurant in the city
  • Bring additional volunteers to work with the children, who may not have a vehicle or a driver to reach the orphanage

With your support, we were able to purchase a 13-seater Land Cruiser for the Children’s House as seen below.

We are extremelly grateful for your ongoing generosity.